FilmBuff has joined Gunpowder & Sky

When FilmBuff started in 2008, Netflix mailed DVDs, Hulu didn't exist and no one used iTunes for anything other than music. But we were sure it was all going to change. We saw the disruption that digital was bringing to the industry, and we harnessed the power of that disruption to help filmmakers gain awareness and reach audiences. Since then we’ve grown from a domestic digital distributor to a one-stop sales and distribution company maximizing all rights for the content we represent around the world. And we pride ourselves on being agents of change for the industry as a whole.

We are proud of what we have accomplished as FilmBuff. Yet we recognize that we are on the cusp of the next era in the entertainment industry. Formats now span three minutes to thirty hours, stars are self-made and directly reach audiences in the millions, and global distribution of content can happen at the flip of a switch. Content creators are taking advantage of all of these changes to create amazing new stories and formats.

We want to continue pushing boundaries for the content we work with, and for the industry as a whole. Our ambition is to be a major player in this new era – to redefine the studio system while enabling the best stories to reach global audiences. So we are leaping into this future by joining forces with Gunpowder & Sky. They have development, financing and production capabilities. We have a global sales and distribution network. Together, we can offer content creators a rare opportunity to explore their creativity and expand their audience all under one roof.

Thank you for the support over the years. We invite you to join us in building the future of the entertainment industry.

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