The Battery

Horror and Drama • 101 min • Jeremy Gardner
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In this road movie set against a world ravaged by the living dead, two former baseball players with vastly different personalities do everything they must to survive their way across New England. Filled with bold and gutsy decisions and incredibly witty dialogue, this is one trip you will never forget.

Director: Jeremy Gardner
Writer: Jeremy Gardner
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In a land of the undead, Ben and Mickey must learn to survive each other

Be prepared to find yourself glued to your screen in a zombie-like stare as you follow the fates of two baseball-loving survivors of a zombie apocalypse, making their way across a countryside littered with the undead. A refreshing and unique take on the zombie film, this horror-road movie hybrid is a tense, funny and inventive entry in a stale genre.

At FilmBuff, we strive to feature daring and unique filmmaking voices, and first-time Jeremy Gardner exemplifies this. Shot on a micro budget, this riveting film showcases stellar performances and an art-house movie sensibility, lending weight and meaning to the protagonists fight for physical and mental survival. With a killer soundtrack and a terrifying and claustrophobic final act, Jeremy’s directorial debut sets itself miles ahead of the crowded (and slow-moving) zombie pack.

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Jeremy Gardner
as Ben
Adam Cronheim
as Mickey
Niels Bolle
as Jerry
Alana O'Brien
as Annie
Jamie Pantanella
as Egghead
Larry Fessenden
as Frank
Kelly McQuade
as Laura

About This Film

General Info

Release Year: 2013

Runtime: 101 Minutes

Country: United States (US)


Producer(s): Jeremy Gardner, Douglas A. Plomitallo, Adam Cronheim, and Christian Stella

DP: Christian Stella


Jeremy Gardner

About Jeremy

Jeremy Gardner was born and raised in Kissimmee, Florida. After moving to the northeast to pursue an acting career, he wrote the screenplay for "The Battery" based on an audition tape he made for a horror film casting contest. Two years of rewrites and fundraising attempts later, he asked ten of his friends for six hundred dollars apiece in exchange for a stake in the finished film. In August of 2011, with six thousand dollars and a cast and crew of five, he shot the movie in two weeks in the woods of northern Connecticut. "The Battery" is his first feature film.